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Author: Shirley Whitfield

Method For Having A Boy

You’re pregnant and you want to have a baby boy? Is there any useful method for having a boy? Perhaps, moms-to-be are searching for natural methods for gender selection. But, there is no scientific evidence about the final result you wish for. Truly, when you want to conceive a baby boy, Mother Nature has already given you this terrific chance. According to an estimate, there are 105 baby boys who are born to every 100 baby girls all over the world. Advertisements Lots of methods for trying to have a boy are better for your fertility than the methods...

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4 Weeks Pregnant

When it comes to week 4 of pregnancy, the fertilized egg has reached its home, your uterus, for the immeasurable growth in the next 9 months. During this period, your baby’s body starts developing with some fundamental parts. The blastocyst is split to form the placenta and the embryo as well. That creates the primary look at the unborn baby. Advertisements Baby’s Existence in Week 4 of Pregnancy The ball of cells in this stage is smaller than a poppy seed. Luckily, they will then develop as a baby in the journey from the fallopian tube to the uterus....

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8 Weeks Pregnant

How about our unborn baby in week 8 of pregnancy? Look! Our baby is developing at a surprising rate (approximately a millimeter per day) with the size of a large raspberry. He looks like a reptilian, even if he has webbed toes and fingers. Interesting, at that moment, he is more baby-like since his nose, lips, eyelids, back and legs continue to shape. His heart is beating at the unbelievable rate of 150 times/1 minute. Sometimes, although we can find it really hard to feel it, he is making some spontaneous movements as he is twitching his tiny trunk...

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Review of Chinese Zodiac Tiger Compatibility in the Monkey Year

In Chinese culture, Tiger is considered as the King of animals. No matter what kind of relationship they’re in, people who were born in the Tiger year always play the dominant role. As the center of attention, they have great leadership and are respected by others. Do you want to make friends with the Tigers? Let’s be a patient listener first as they love to talk. In case you want to develop a special affair with this animal sign, you must glance at Chinese Zodiac Tiger Compatibility. Will the jungle’s King match your zodiac sign perfectly? Or, will everything...

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9 Weeks Pregnant

How about our unborn baby in week 9 of pregnancy? Our baby, with the size of a green olive, has developed approximately an inch since last week. At that time, the tiny muscles are starting to shape; thus, while he can not be willing to pump iron, he is truly ready to move his arms and legs. Actually, it is still soon for us to feel anything in our belly, yet we are totally able to get an opportunity to hear something at our next checkup. Why don’t we try listening to our unborn kid’s heartbeat through the Doppler...

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