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Author: Shirley Whitfield

How to Get Chinese Gender Predictor 2017 Girl or Boy FREE Online?

Are you trying to conceive, ladies? How to know the baby gender or how to select the baby sex to have a girl or a boy? Here comes a tool helping you determine the sex of your unborn child called, Chinese Gender Predictor 2017 Girl or Boy. This predictor is based on an old document found in the ancient tomb in Beijing over 700 years ago. No scientific evidence, still the gender predictor’s accuracy is stated to be better than other methods of prediction. Advertisements Will it be a boy or a girl? This free calculator for predicting your...

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18 Weeks Pregnant

At the present time, have we been 18 weeks pregnant, but still confused about what has been happening inside us? In fact, pregnancy always requires parents-to-be to equip themselves with great knowledge about their growing baby so that they’re able to detect anything unusual and dangerous as soon as possible. Wish to dig deep into more specific details? The article will feature some basic info about pregnancy of 18 weeks for clarification! Advertisements How About A Baby At 18th Week Pregnant? Our child, at that moment, is using our tummy as fairly a little activity gym through week 18th,...

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16 Weeks Pregnant

It has been truly 16 weeks into our pregnancy, and we do not really know what to expect. There seem to be many nagging questions in our mind, such as “What is happening to my little angel inside me?”, “What are some problems I could face?” and so forth. Don’t be hesitant to consult this article because it’ll list out anything we may expect once we are 16 weeks pregnant. Advertisements How Is Our Baby At Week 16? Her eyes are actually working At that time, our kid may weigh at a whopping 3 to 5 ounces, and she’s...

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Chinese Gender Astrology Calculator

Chinese Astrology This variant of horoscope has its origin in both astronomy and Chinese calendar. It started to grow strongly in Han dynasty (between the second century BC and second century AD). It’s also close to the Chinese philosophy in some ways, and has some connections with the union of three vital elements including earth, water and heaven. Yin and Yang concept can be seen in this form of astrology, and it mostly involves the opposite forces depending on one another in this world. There are many dual traits like light and darkness, high and low, life and death,...

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17 Weeks Pregnant

When it comes to 17 weeks pregnant, the mothers-to-be begin feeling that the growing baby is moving slightly inside the wombs. Week 17 marks the changes of the little one on pounds (about 150g). Right in this milestone, the baby is growing very rapidly. It is reported that the little ones’ faces look entirely like humans. Especially, their eyebrows and eyelashes have begun to develop. Regardless of this, their eyelids are still fused shut even though the eyes can be moved around. That is what science says about the baby! How about the pregnant moms? What happens to them...

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