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Author: Shirley Whitfield

Take a Glimpse of Chinese Zodiac Rat Traits in the Year 2017

In the Chinese Zodiac cycle, Rat ranks the first place. This animal represents the wisdom – people born in the year of Rat are quite intelligent, charming, practical, quick-witted, ambitious, and good at social activities as well as businesses. Though others may consider you not friendly or adorable, you actually do enjoy parties and have fun time chatting with buddies. It’s rare to see a Rat native sitting quietly since he (she) is talkative and can’t stay still for even a minute. Through the post today, we hope you’ll understand more about Chinese Zodiac Rat Traits. Let’s find out...

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11 Weeks Pregnant

How about our unborn baby in week 11 of pregnancy? Our kid has been quietly busy this week with fingernails, ovaries and growing hair follicles (if this is a pretty girl). At that time, she possesses the distinct characteristics like human with hands and feet in front, ears nearly in her final shape, a tongue and palate in her mouth, open nasal passages in the tip of her nose and even visible nipples. It sounds great, right? What else? Her hands and feet also have individual fingers and toes. Advertisements Week 11 Of Pregnancy And Its Remarkable Symptoms Frequent...

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Get an Absolute FREE Chinese Zodiac Rat Compatibility Horoscope

Are you born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat? When it comes to relationship, which Lunar Animal signs best suit you? From the ‘Chinese Zodiac Rat Compatibility‘ forecast, you’ll attract a lot of pursuers following behind in this year. In a stable relationship, others may think you careless or lack of courage; in fact, your inner side is quite tender and delicate. Toward the people you love, you usually express the true feelings, as well as show mercy and understanding. Always keep an optimistic approach and be patient, you’ll definitely find a true partner of your lifetime....

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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Years – What Do You Need to Know?

For Chinese people, the bunny is considered as a tame creature (because it’s tender and lovely) which can represent hope and fortune. This animal ranks the fourth in the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the lunar calendar. People who were born under the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Years are not aggressive or arrogant; instead, they’re approachable and have a decent, noble, as well as elegant manner. Advertisements (In the Vietnam zodiac, the Cat takes place of the Rabbit) Lucky signs for all the Rabbit natives: Numbers: 3, 4, and 9 (*avoid 1, 7, and 8) Colors: blue, red,...

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Get a Look at Chinese Zodiac Ox Personality in the Year 2017

Ranked as the second place in the Chinese Zodiac calendar, Ox – for a long time ago – has become the symbol of diligence in Chinese culture. People who’re ruled by this sign are usually honest, patient, hard-working, cautious, ambitious, creative, and able to handle things steadily. They’re persistent enough to stick at a certain task longer and learn harder than anybody. Most of all, the Ox natives always have strong belief in themselves. When performing something, they only classify the issue into two basic categories: good or bad. Still lots of information about Chinese Zodiac Ox Personality, let’s...

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