How about our unborn baby in week 9 of pregnancy? Our baby, with the size of a green olive, has developed approximately an inch since last week. At that time, the tiny muscles are starting to shape; thus, while he can not be willing to pump iron, he is truly ready to move his arms and legs. Actually, it is still soon for us to feel anything in our belly, yet we are totally able to get an opportunity to hear something at our next checkup. Why don’t we try listening to our unborn kid’s heartbeat through the Doppler device? It will be an interesting experience for us to try once!

Week 9 Of Pregnancy And Its Outstanding Symptoms

  • Fatigue

It is truly a drag once we are dragging ourselves through the day. Try to sleep – Yes, it is totally obvious. However, between racing ourselves to the bathroom to pee at midnight and our mind racing with all of the pregnancy-related anxieties, we can find it really hard to comply with our body’s request for rest. What should we do? We are advised to stay away from our laptop as far as possible, turn off the light after reading a funny book and then linger on a long bed. Of course, this extra sleep will provide us some staying power.

  • Frequent urination

In case our sleep is interrupted through the gotta-go feeling, attempt to double-voiding once we pee. When we think that we are done of peeing, try peeing again. It can help to empty our bladder totally and perhaps give us an additional hour of shut-eye during the night.

  • Breast tenderness and its noticed change

What is another thing that can be keeping us up at night? The answer is that our bigger breasts are tender, not larger. Believe it or not, the increased blood flow combined with their large sizes may make them ultrasensitive and make us more unpleasant during the night. In order to minimize the discomfort, it is a wise idea for us to wear a cotton sport bra.

9 Weeks Pregnant
  • Flatulence

Have got enough gas to compare with a frat man? Don’t worry! We are not the first expectant mother who is mortified by the sudden expulsion of gas in some public places. Yearn to keep these embarrassing symptoms to a minimum? It is time to choose small meals which can guarantee not to overload our digestive system as much as the large ones do.

  • Bloating

All of the moms-to-be all over the world understood that pregnancy might spawn lots of the uncomfortable symptoms like gassy and bloated feeling. To minimize and avoid constipation that may aggravate bloating, try drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet.

  • Constipation

In order to stay away form more bloating, it is really necessary for us to get these bowels moving at their ordinary pace. Along with drinking a lot of water, don’t forget to consume fruits and vegetable juices. If possible, we don’t need to try lemon or hot water first every morning.

  • Heartburn and indigestion

Long to get a quick way to banish our bout of heartburn? Don’t hesitate to chew some kinds of sugarless gum because they are ideally safe in moderation for expectant mothers. Once chewing, saliva can be increased that may help to neutralize the acid in our stomach.

  • Increased sense of smell

In case the increased sense of smell makes our life an olfactory ordeal, why don’t we leave the windows open (to get rid of cooking smells or musty bedroom odors) and then wash our clothes more regularly? Bear in mind that fibers have a tendency to hold the smells.

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