How about our unborn baby in week 7 of pregnancy? At that time, the size of our baby can be compared to the one of a blueberry. Of course, most of the development is mainly focused on the head because new brain cells tend to be generated at the rate of 100/1 minute. Look! Our baby’s tongue and mouth are gradually forming when his arms and legs bud sprout. The little kidneys at the present time are ready to do their jobs such as pee production and excretion.

Week 7 Of Pregnancy And Its Primary Symptoms

  • Fatigue

Yes, we are tired. In these weeks, we are still engaged in the challenged task of manufacturing the placenta and getting acquainted with all of the conflicting emotions we are experiencing. Want to know how to fight fatigue? One of the greatest ways to fight tiredness is to eat smaller meals frequently. It also helps our queasy stomach. Don’t hesitate to split our meals into 6 portions. This method not only keeps our body being back on even keel, but also helps to promote our energy level.

  • Frequent urination

We are still spending much time in the bathroom in the time between the nausea and the necessity of peeing. Bear in mind that the pregnancy hormone hCG tends to be increasing the blood flow to our pelvic area and influence other flows in turn. Don’t forget to drink a lot of liquids, but try to cut back on coffee. During pregnancy, our body and unborn baby will need a regular supply of fluids.

7 Weeks Pregnant

  • Nausea and Vomiting

Lots of the studies have stated that expectant mothers who are often nauseated in the 1st trimester have a tendency to carry girls, by virtue of the interplay of hormones which are produced by them and the female fetus. However, regardless of how sick we feel and what our baby’s gender is, we will still desire to keep the food down. Don’t be hesitant to pick out any food that attracts us a lot, even though we only eat fruit salads for dinner, breakfast and lunch. Don’t worry as our baby’s nutritional requirements are tiny at that time.

  • Breast tenderness and noticeable changes

Whether our breast are sprouting the blue veins that start to make them look like the interstate highway map or not? Actually, these important veins can act like highways. It means that they are able to transport the fluids and nutrients from us to our baby after he is born. In order to minimize stretch marks and sagging later on, we are strongly advised to choose an ideal bra now. Perhaps our mother can give us more supportive advice.

  • Excessive saliva

When feeling queasy is not enough, we can also be dealing with extra saliva that is pooling in our mouth. This experience can end at our 1st trimester. Nevertheless, if it still does, don’t forget to chew much sugarless gum.

  • Indigestion and Heartburn

After eating, if we have got a sensation from the depths of our stomach to our mouth, then we have got pregnancy-induced heartburn and indigestion. It is time to stay away from our heartburn triggers such as caffeinated drinks or fatty and spicy foods no matter what do them to us. Drink either before or after we eat. Remember! Too much food mixed with too much fluid will aggravate the burn and distend our stomach.

  • Food cravings and aversions

Be stuck in consuming the same foods night after night since very few ones enchant our picky palate? Don’t worry! We are not robbing our unborn kid of valuable nutrients through eating the same healthy things over and over. In case cravings drive us crazy, give in to them once in a moment, and then consume well for the rest of the day.

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