Having a baby developing in your body is one of the most hilarious experiences that you are luckily gifted with as the healthy women. Passing through the 5th week of pregnancy, how do you feel now? When it comes to week 6, it is possible to sense the baby’s face. Look at the mirror and guess how you baby looks like!

Baby’s Existence in Week 6 Of Pregnancy

What parts of the baby’s body that you wish to know? The lovely and adorable face is going to develop with the construction of jaw, chin, cheeks, eyes, nose, and ears. Meanwhile, his or her lungs, liver, and kidneys are thriving with the heartbeat of 80 times per minutes. Notice that your baby in week 6 is still about a quarter of an inch from crown to rump!

What to Know about Pregnant Mother’s Body in Week 6

On the outside, the changes have not been realized yet. Nevertheless, there are many altered traits in the inside. The pregnancy hormone hCG causes the increasing amount of blood flowing to the pelvic zone. At the same time, your kidneys work effectively and your thriving uterus begins pushing down on your bladder. Consequently, you will sense a sensitive storm of bloating, queasiness, cravings, and aversions as well.

Pregnancy Tip in Week 6: Initially Prenatal Visit
6 Weeks Pregnant

The first physician’s visit provides you with the confirmation on the prenatal status. While home pregnancy test embraces uncertainty, the professional visit makes vague points clear. Normally, the checkups may last long from pelvic exam to blood test. The specifically transmitted diseases via sex and hereditary will be checked carefully to ensure the fetal development. In some cases, your urine may be examined for bacteria, blood cells (red and white), glucose, and protein. If you have any question in mind reflecting the family’s health record or partner’s health status, ask directly!

What Are Special Pregnancy Symptoms At Week 6?

  • Indigestion and Heartburn

Heartburn is the painful burning sensation in your chest caused by indigestion. So, what causes indigestion? It occurs when the muscle at the top of your stomach prevents the digestive juices from backing up. Difficulty in digesting food makes you have pain in both stomach and chest. To reduce the impact, wear clothes that are comfortable for your belly and don’t eat in a hurry!

  • Bloating

Bloating is caused by progesterone, the essential hormone for keeping your pregnant status healthy. The bloating will become serious if your body system lacks fiber and water. Hence, add as much fiber and water to your body as possible!

  • Heightened sense of smell

The sensitive nose allows you to smell every scent around from others’ lunch to the dirty sneakers. Therefore, steer yourself away from the scents that make you vomit! Otherwise, maximize the chances of sensing the favorable odor from lemon, ginger, or mint.

  • Continual urination

The excessively effective kidneys drive you to urinate frequently. In addition, it is the uterus that presses over your bladder. Accept such the normal symptom and lean forward when you pee to reduce the odd of bathroom’s domination!

  • Fatigue

You may feel exhausted physically and mentally. Hence, listen to your body status, take a rest, and do some healthy exercises like yoga or walking. As long as you live with the free mood and full sleep, you will feel better!

  • Softer breast

It is the fact that your breast becomes softer and tender with the darker areolas to make the nipples easy for breastfeeding. Are you ready to breastfeed? It is the holy act.

  • Vomiting and Nausea

Positively, the slight queasiness at breakfast or dinner indicates the healthy growth of the unborn baby. Those who experience nausea and vomiting are most unlikely to miscarry. Handle the case by absorbing snacks, cheese, yogurt, multigrain crackers, etc.

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