Do you want to get information on when you’re at 22 weeks pregnant? Guess what? Your baby (who now has the same size of a small doll) has finally broken the one-pound mark (around 450 grams) at 22 weeks. Simplify, the unborn child would look like a skinny version of a newborn. He/she will still have wrinkled, translucent skin yet this will gradually change as the baby puts on more weighs. Not only your baby, but you also do have many changes in week 22. Read-on for more info:

22 Weeks Pregnant – Fatal Development

Obviously, there are a lot of noticeable changes happening to mom’s physical appearance during this 22-week of pregnancy. As you make your way past the middle of the 2nd trimester and toward the end of it, both mother and baby are growing at a rapid yet even pace. You are past the midway point for your pregnancy term, and most of the unpleasant pregnancy symptoms have gone away; however, new symptoms, emotions, and pregnancy pains are yet to surface. Keep hanging in there, mama!

Get to Know Baby’s Development

Are you 22 weeks pregnant? Do you want to know what’s going on with the baby inside? At 11-inch long and weighing under a pound, your unborn child has the size of a spaghetti squash during the 22nd week. He/she, at this moment, is still very thin due to the lack of fatty issues, but this will soon change. The skin is wrinkled and covered with lanugo, but the internal organs are growing fast as well as the eyelids and eyebrows are becoming distinguishable. Despite the baby’s eyes have formed fully, the irises still lack pigment.

Your baby will be getting plenty of exercise, with there still being plenty of room to move around in the amniotic sac. Place your hands on your belly and you will be able to feel the child’s movements inside. As the baby’s senses are developing, you may get a response if you gently apply pressure to your bump; also, please notice the movement as your baby adjusts to a change in temperature when you have a warm bath.

Symptoms & Tips at 22 Weeks Pregnant

How are you changing in week 22? The most noticeable change is going to be your weight gain. You’ll be adding approximately 225g per week at this stage; and while weight gain varies, an average woman gains 10 – 12.5kg (around 22 – 26lb) during pregnancy. This extra weight is not only due to the baby growing but also the weight of the placenta (500g – 1lb at birth) and fat that your body will be storing in preparation for making milk after giving birth. Following the healthcare pregnancy, you should ask your doctor about weight gain and weight loss since your weight may fluctuate differently during the pregnant process.

Old symptoms disappear, and the new one will appear; that’s, Vaginal discharge (due to the increase in blood flow), which is very common for all women at this stage. Your breasts also continue to increase in size, and they may start to make ‘colostrum’ this week. This fatty substance contains an abundance of nutrients and will be the baby’s first milk.

It’s important that you know what to expect at 22 weeks pregnant. For further information about this stage, leave your questions here or ask your own doctor.