According to the Lunar Calendar, the upcoming year will be the year of Monkey. It starts from February 8th, 2017 to January 27th, 2017. You would be ruled by Fire element, so your lucky number is red, obviously. Because the monkey is the 9th sign in the Chinese Zodiac cycle – the associated number is 9 and the associated energy is Yang. In the ‘2017 Chinese Zodiac Signs‘ article, the visitors will find the information that they’re looking for – all the animal signs’ predictions to different aspects of your life, such as love, marriage, career, health, finances, etc.

General Forecast for 12 Animal Signs in 2017

2017 Chinese Zodiac Signs

Rat – In 2017, the Rat natives should focus on finishing pending projects. The social circle would be expanded! Patience is the main key leading to the success of the relationships. You’ll find more new friends & partners. Take careful decisions in career!

Ox – During this period, Ox will discover major changes in their life. Family & friends would help you get over all the difficult problems and achieve the happiness as well. Be optimistic, knowledgeable, and expert to overcome legal issues.

Tiger – The year 2017 promises many good tidings for you, Tigers! Use your skills and personalities well to obtain the targets you’ve set before. Take care of your emotional health and keep optimistic approach to all the problems in life.

Rabbit – Time to use your communication skills to connect people! New challenges are waiting for your conquest. Keep working on and completing the previous plans. Nothing will ruin the relationships this year.

Dragon – More success will come to you. Activate intuitive feelings to overcome all the obstacles in 2017. Your main goal this season is – focusing on what you really want and how to achieve it. Face responsibilities with confidence & bravado.

Snake – There would not be any major hindrance blocking your way in the Monkey year. With a good sense of communication and inter-personal approach, you’ll gain victories in most of the arguments. Organize the plan for your life and accomplish it properly. No need to worry about your health – it’s in the best condition!

Horse – All your efforts and time in the previous years will be paid fully in this season. Good fruits for all Horse personalities! Take risks can help you grow better and completely in life. Don’t lose your confidence, and keep faith on things you’re doing.

Sheep – The Lady of Luck will visit you and bring financial satisfaction in life for most people born in this sign. Spend time with family & friends to heal your tension mind and emotion. No hindrance and trouble this period!

Monkey – This year is all about you as the development in life will come and find all the Monkey personalities. Friends and family will bring positive strength to you! Overcome the issues with a practical approach, and don’t hesitate to start new ventures.

Rooster – The Monkey year brings welfare, happiness, and peace to all the Rooster natives. The financial status will be improved, and there’s no hindrance in your life during this period. Avoid all kinds of distractions in the year-end.

Dog – Life would be emotionally satisfied with the Dog natives. But then, you need to decide something related to compromises and sacrifices. Certain aspects of your life will face occasional delays. During the 2nd half-year, you’ll cause financial troubles.

Pig – 2017 is a good period for the Pig natives to do whatever they want. Enjoy the freedom at the beginning of the year, and during the 2nd half-year, you need to deal with many obstacles. Be optimistic, positive, and flexible to handle difficulties and gain success in this twist & turn season.

The brief horoscope for 2017 Chinese Zodiac Signs will help you understand your life situation partially. Remember, future predictions only work if you truly know well about yourself! Now, select your Chinese horoscope sign based on the date of birth to receive the astrologers’ guide!