The New Year will soon come, and the Dragon natives are forecasted to gain lots of successes through this Red Fire Monkey year. The 2017 Chinese Zodiac Dragon Predictions advise you to follow your intuition (an inner voice) strongly to cross any obstacle in life. Focus on completing all the pending tasks and projects; thus, you wouldn’t have any time for resting and relaxing. Don’t run away from responsibilities; instead, face the challenges with confidence and courage. The middle of 2017 might brings unexpected problems to the Dragon. Ask for others’ assistance, if necessary!

Considered as the fifth animal in the Chinese Zodiac cycle, the Dragon’s major personality characteristics are – confident and ambitious. You always use the courageous, intelligent, and enthusiastic approach to deal with different aspects of your life. The energy of this animal will be stronger than ever during the year 2017.

Take a Look at 2017 Dragon Horoscope

2017 Chinese Zodiac Dragon Predictions

According to the ‘Yearly Chinese Astrology Forecasts‘ report, your originality and thinking quality will be the key elements that help you accomplish all the targets, even the hardest ones. Oh, come on! Don’t be afraid to take risks and make bold decisions. Once starting a new venture, devote time to research and learn more about every relating thing. Never say ‘No’ to new opportunities, but the seekers have to understand them clearly. Loose yourself a bit in this hectic season; otherwise, your mental strength will be affected terribly.

  • Career of the Dragon

Since this animal has high ambition in the profession field, that’s why the Dragon people will do well with the jobs embracing challenges and risks – something allowing them to test their abilities and skills. You’ll receive great responses for all of your objectives; however, don’t be so arrogant and criticize others’ job. You might get involved in intense arguments with the co-workers. Work with humility to maximize the outcome!

  • Health of the Dragon

Your Chinese Health Horoscope 2017, your condition through this Monkey year is pretty well, in general. Take breaks and store enough stamina for the second half year so that you can spend on your professional requirements. When finishing the tasks, try to do meditation or practice exercises to keep mind, soul, & body away from strenuous works. Prepare and have a proper diet to improve your physical health!

Love & Relationship of the Dragon in 2017

The ‘best love matches’ list for all the Dragon natives is available here! What other animals will have a high compatibility rate with you? What things should be noticed? With the providing information, you can predict yourself whether your current relationships will last for a long-term or not. Find out the details in the following:

  • Dragon and Rat: This match is the best match in the Chinese Zodiac as both have many common things (traits, hobbies, etc.). They love adventures and have great ambitions in every field. While the Rat admires the Dragon’s dominance, on the other hand, the Dragon respects the partner’s intelligence.
  • Dragon and Money: This match is unique and interesting. The Dragon appreciates the Monkey’s ingenuity, while your courage and strength make the Monkey partner attracted. Amazingly, only this animal can fool you!
  • Dragon and Pig: This match has a high chance to lead to a successful marital life as these two really understand their partner, even they don’t say a word. The Dragon loves the Pig’s sincere support. You’re lucky…the Pig is well-known because he/she is sympathetic and understanding.

Generally speaking, the upcoming year, from the ‘2017 Chinese Zodiac Dragon Predictions‘ perspective, will be an excellent and favorable year for all Dragon natives as they’ll gain successes in different aspects of life – love, career, and health.