During 20 weeks of pregnancy we have got a heavyweight in our belly. Our little angel weighs about ten ounces, and has a height of six and a half inches. Funnily, it can make us think of an image of a small cantaloupe. While our unborn kid is surely getting bigger, there will be still plenty of growing rooms in there, enabling him to twist and turn, as well as allowing us to feel his/her acrobatics!

How About Our Baby At 20 Weeks?

20 Weeks Pregnant

Being 20 weeks pregnant, our child is able to measure about 16.5cm and ideally formed as a little baby to glance at. Truly, if space allows, he/she is still having several fun turning somersaults, and maybe taking us by amazement as he/she does so. Though our kid is primarily growing stronger and bigger at present, there tend to be some key elements of his/her development, going on as the nerves in his/her brain, which control the senses, and eventually enable his/her to smell, taste, touch, see, and hear.

How About Us – Expectant Mothers – At 20 Weeks Pregnant?

We could even experience some mild aching in our tummy when our bump continues growing. The reason here is that the ligaments each side of our womb is stretching as our tiny angel gets bigger and bigger. Don’t worry! It’s quite normal. However, don’t hesitate to mention it to our midwife if we’re still anxious! Several moms-to-be even develop pains in their pelvis, known as PRGP (pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain) or SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) once getting pregnant that may be treated with support girdles or physio.

At 20 weeks pregnant, our bump could imply that we’re struggling to get easeful in bed too; thus, we might be feeling tired due to interrupted sleep. It’s time to purchase specially shaped pregnancy pillows useful for helping to support our bump as well as allowing us to get a good night’s rest. In some cases, these items simply offer us more comfortable support whenever we’re sitting or chilling on the sofa.

What Do We Need To Know Specially?

  • Regardless of whether we swear by astrology or simply think that it seems to be nothing more than a bit of fun, don’t forget to take a break, and then work out if the star signs of our soon-to-be family are a match made in heaven or not. Considering using horoscopes tool is always an exciting idea!
  • Our maternity notes can reveal a brief story about how our pregnancy is going. What do all these letters and figures signify? Check out articles on the Internet to grasp more about our maternity notes now!
  • Going abroad for the mid-pregnancy holiday? Then, always ensure that we understand what we may eat whenever perusing this foreign menu.
  • If we are expecting more than 1 baby, could we still have a vaginal birth?


What To Think During This Particular Stage?

If we own pets, we can wonder how to best introduce them to our new child when the right time comes, or how to smoothly designate the certain zones of the house pet free! Needless to say, our animals should never be left alone with our baby. We’re able to take steps (i.e. having access to their cot or pram), to additionally protect our little one from the inquisitive pets.

Remember to chat with our vet for more professional tips on prepping our cat or dog for our new arrival. Though as long as basic common safety and sense is well-applied, we always should manage all just fine! When 9 months and 10 days are over, the miracle will come to our family, marking a totally new experience into our life. Are we ready to welcome this?

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