It is the big hilarious news to get informed of the pregnant status, surely. When progressing in time, the pregnant women mostly experience lots of new feelings and changes in their own systems. In reference to 19 weeks pregnant, the moms’ curiosity about the little ones’ growth has been increased over time. Since the pregnancy has gone halfway period in the 19th week, knowing more about the fetal development and mother’s changes help the pregnant ladies to feel released!

Fetal Development in 19 Weeks of Pregnancy

19 Weeks Pregnant

Informatively, the top of your womb (uterus) now reaches the belly button and is likely to grow around 1cm per week. Meanwhile, the baby measures about 14.2cm long from the top to bottom and weighs around 240g right in week 19 (about the size of a tomato). In case of the little ones’ senses, the whole 5 ordinary senses including seeing, hearing, touch, smell, and taste are all developed with the core attention to the brain. The nerve cell production is quite slow since the existing nerve cells grow bigger with the increasing complex connections.

The little brains are now mainly designated for the 5 basic senses. Some doctors even claim that the babies can hear your voice, so be confident to increase the bond by talking to your child aloud or singing a happy song to make him or her happy! Along with that, the baby’s kidney continues making urine while the hair begins growing. Especially, there exists the vernix caseosa – the protective coating on the skin that helps to protect the unborn babies against the amniotic fluid.

In this milestone, some moms even feel the baby’s movements. Instead of working with intuition to sense the existence of the little ones, the mothers can make things real via the virtual feelings about their kids’ movements by touching. The sign of rumbling stomach is interpreted as the baby doing several back flips. Hence, take notice of the first feelings you have about the little ones’ motions and then share such the great fetal knowledge with the spouse!

In most situations, the mothers-to-be are trained that the different kids will grow differently. Therefore, to obtain the exact data of fetal development in 19 weeks pregnant, it’s a must to talk to a specialized doctor and do the frequent medical check-ups. Understand how a fetus grows in the uterus enables the moms to achieve the better sense of their pregnancy.

Mother’s Life-Changing Experience in Weeks 19 Pregnant 

Apparently, the moms now look big. Together with the fetal development, the pregnant women grow faster in weight. Some even get an ache in the lower abdomen or the occasional stabbing pain on the womb. According to the scientists, this is normal sign that make the Ligament support the uterus, adequately to the increasing weight. Hence, no need to be alarmed about the sign! However, if the pain comes severe and influential to your rest after the working days, call the doctors!

What’s more, the moms-to-be also notice some skin changes visibly. While some get the red palms, others have the darkened skin associated with the darker patches on upper lip, forehead, and cheeks. In the humorous voice, people describe these symptoms by the term “mask of pregnancy”. Plus, the “dark line” is also mentioned regarding the darkened line traveling from the belly button to the public bone. Don’t worry since these dark spots will fade away quickly after the time of delivery. Anyway, protect the self from the Sun to minimize the darkened changes. Wear a brimmed hat and use sunscreen whenever you’re out! Cover up the self with the necessary ingredients so that you can stay beautiful till the 19th week of pregnancy.

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