Believe it or not, 13 weeks pregnant symptoms may easily be felt by most of the women during their pregnancy. One of the primacy reasons here is that there can be the bold signs in these women in order that almost all of them may feel it easily. Nevertheless, for ones who get pregnant in the first time, it can be very difficult for them to identify once their pregnancy tends to take the second trimester. Sometimes, that is the reason why they are really in need of the 13 weeks pregnant symptoms to let them learn more about the exact time. Of course, the 13 weeks pregnancy means that we have entered the second trimester during our pregnancy.

13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

  • The Physical Signs

During this period, we can experience abdominal pain. Why do we have this experience? It is because when our fetus grows, it tends to stretch and take much space in our abdomen. At that time, the increasing size of our uterus’ ligament will later cause abdominal pain. Furthermore, we can also feel the frequent urge to pee since our uterus will stretch the pressed bladder. In 13 weeks pregnancy, we will get tired more regularly than usual. It is no wonder because our fetus begins to have the increasing significant signs so that we can need much more energy for it to grow!

13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms And Tips
  • The Mental Signs

Most of the moms-to-be will be less anxious about the 13 weeks pregnant signs as they come to the second trimester, the opportunity to suffer a miscarriage will be smaller. In other words, we may ensure that we will sustain the fetus. Besides, our nausea will be also much decreased or totally gone. It means that we shall not feel unpleasant any more because we start to get used with our body gradually.

During this stage, we can get the strong sense about having the baby. At times, it can be one of the reasons why we get more tired in whole day. Almost all of the expectant mothers will overly feel the happiness and have much energy to spend this feeling, which causes their tiredness.

Nevertheless, it is better for us to pay much attention to the risk of miscarriage. The less chance to suffer a miscarriage will not signify that it is absolutely gone. It is still there. Don’t be reluctant to discuss this issue with our physician for any strange symptom or sign.

13 Weeks Pregnant Tips

What should we do? The tips will be comprised of the supportive advice for all of the pregnant women, especially those who have the first pregnancy as they seem to have no experience about this matter.

  • Rest More

At that time, we may feel more tired in a day. In addition, we also get tired easily as the growing fetus which has the increasing important signs tends to take much of our energy. It is likely to have no wonder why most of the mothers-to-be can feel overly joyful at that time. One of the greatest tips here is to rest more. We don’t need to force ourselves too much. Instead, decreasing some heavy activities in our daily routine will be a good idea.

  • Take the Supplements

It is actually the best time for us to take more supplements and vitamins in order to ensure that our unborn baby will stay healthy till the birth time. Visit a doctor as frequently as possible. Often, the doctor shall prescribe us with the appropriate supplements and vitamins for our fetus to develop healthily. Don’t forget to consume the virgin olive oil once per day since it is considered as the useful oil with many incredible benefits.

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